First General Motors “ALL LED” showroom!


Quiver LED completes the first “ALL LED” lighting showroom for a General Motors Chevrolet dealership in the United States.


Beck Chevrolet recently completed the renovation of their automobile dealership's showroom and offices, using Quiver LEDs high-efficiency LED lights. Due to the strict lighting standards set forth by General Motors (GM) architects and engineers, GM had not yet found a suitable LED manufacturer to replace "old style" conventional lighting.

When the General Contractor on this project was introduced to Quiver LED, he mentioned that the owner of the dealership wanted to use "all LED" lighting.  The General Contractor asked if Quiver could meet and supply the lighting requirements for LED lights, set forth by General Motors for Beck Chevrolet. Confident, due to years of LED experience, Quiver LED told him that it definitely could be done!  That said, Quiver engineers went to work to arrange photometric evaluations and surveys of other newly built GM dealerships to determine the precise lighting levels that had previously met these strict lighting requirements.

After all the data was compiled, a new "all LED" lighting plan was put in place by using product specifications that were custom designed and manufactured by Quiver LED to meet the exacting specifications set forth by General Motors. Even with a short time frame required to complete the project, Quiver LED was able to deliver all the lighting products within the six week delivery window, as promised. The result is that Quiver LED not only met the previously used conventional lighting levels, but in terms of the quality of light, it exceeded their performance!

Now the showrooms are glowing and the talk of the town. The owner is delighted with the results and making plans to convert his other dealerships to LED lighting using Quiver LEDs products.



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