Think LED

LED is ready now! By thinking LED, you are staying ahead of the curve and positioning yourselft for all the benefits that LED lighting can bring to you. These benefits include cost savings with lower energy usage, quick payback on your initial investment, and years of maintenance free service. You will enjoy even greater benefits by helping to keep the environment green and stay healthier by using this non-UV emitting light source.

LED lighting is the new paradigm in lighting, and our lighting experts are here to help you make the right decision for any and all of your lighting needs. Think about that!

Customer Thoughts and Quotes:

“Don’t turn off the lights.”

           -Owner of an Auto Dealership in Palatka, FL wants to keep the lights on at all times because the dealership is 
              "glowing." People all over town are drawn to the ambiance of this new clear bright light and its welcoming glow.

"We should have done this two years ago!"

           -Owner of Commercial Property in West Palm Beach, FL realized the quick return on his investment and positive 
                cash flow it generated through his energy savings.


We are on a mission.

A mission to improve your quality of light. 
             ... to help you recognize the tremendous saving you will have with LED lighting.
               ... to Eliminate costly maintenance issues.
                 ... to maintain a healthy environment.


Social Conscience is a Key Factor.


As caretakers of this planet, our mission is to help preserve it, for now and future generations. This starts with something as simple as your lighting choice. All of our lighting products are RoHS compliant, which means there are no harmful substances used in our LED lighting products. Conventinal HID lighting such as metal halide, high pressure sodium and others utilize hazardous metals and gases that are harmful to you and the environment. So, from our family to yours, chose LED for a better future for us all.

Some other factors that favor switching to LED lighting:

  • Lower wattages support and facilitate less energy consumption. Therefore less coal/gas used.
  • Less energy consumption supports less waste. Energy waste and physical waste of conventional lighting that usually contains mercury and other hazardous materials.
  • Less frequent need for labor, maintenance, and replacement items.
  • Less mercury from traditinal lights is seeping from landfills into the underground water systems of earth.

The Secret to our success is in sustainability.

Now that you are aware of the oustanding qualities of LED lighting and the multiple benefits you can derive financially and environmentally, contact us for an LED lighting plan that will significantly imporve your quality of life for years to come.

Additionally, your warranty coverage with Quiver LED products is one of the longest warranties available in the industry. We have an optional extended warranty on select products that is underwritten by a long standing and reliable investment/insurance company that knows and backs Quiver LED's products. This complete coverage provides you with the satisfaction of knowing that Quiver LED's products are built to last and are a sound investment for your LED lighting requirements.

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